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Bridal Shower Tips

Top 10 Tips for a Bridal Shower


To guarantee a successful Bridal Shower you need to think about what the Bride-to-be enjoys.  What are her likes and dislikes?  What are her hobbies?   Does she like to dance, dine out, or be pampered?  What are her passions – does she love to cook? Is she creative?  Once you have found out how the Bride-to-be likes to have fun or relax you are well on your way to having a great Bridal Shower!



If you are planning a Bridal Shower around a theme these are some of our favourites: 



This is a super Bridal Shower theme, especially if the Newly Weds are travelling abroad for their honeymoon.  You can build this theme on their destination or even around a cruise!  The Bridal Shower food could be based on the cuisine of the country they are visiting and gifts could include everything from suntan lotion to travel books.


Spa and Beauty

There is lots of fun to be had with a Spa and Beauty Bridal Shower theme.  A day away at a Spa is a lovely treat but you can hire in a make up artist, manicurist, hair stylist or even a masseuse to treat the Bride-to-be (and guests!) at the hostess's home.  Beauty treatments and facials, nail art and aromatherapy are some other great ideas to consider for this theme.


Tea Party

Spice up your Bridal Shower Tea Party by adding a little 'Alice In Wonderland' magic.  If you theme your Bridal Shower around the Mad Hatter each guest could come wearing a fabulous hat and you can be really creative with the Bridal Shower décor!


Wine & Cheese

Engage your guests' taste buds with a Wine & Cheese themed Bridal Shower.  This is a great way of building up a nice collection of wines for the Bride-to-be as the winning wines can be given as gifts! 


Cocktail Party

A Bridal Shower with a Cocktail Party theme allows everyone to dress up and sip delicious Daiquiris and Margaritas.  You can add some nostalgia to your theme and have a Vintage (think Audrey Hepburn!) or Retro dress code.   You can also give a prize to the best Cocktail invented by the guests!



Cook up a storm with a Gourmet themed Bridal Shower!  This can involve a range of culinary delights from an actual cooking class  to a 'Stock the Kitchen' party with loads of tempting goodies and recipe books.


Memory Lane

This is a heartwarming theme that involves guests bringing their favourite photos and mementos that remind them of the Bride-to-be to the Bridal Shower.   These can be old school photos, her baby booties or even a concert ticket!  These all have stories attached to them that the guests can share. 



Bridal Shower venues can be as cosy or as glamourous as you like but they all vary depending on your budget, the time of year and the number of guests.  Here are some top picks:



  • - If you love the idea of a summer time Bridal Shower why not consider a Garden Party, Barbeque, Beach Party or Pool Party? 


  • - Weekend City Breaks are fantastic for Bridal Showers that include a small, select group of guests.  You could see a hit musical, west end show, concert or play as part of the treat!


  • - If you have a large guest list then why not check out a stately home or historic country house hotel?  Many cater for weddings and have restaurants attached that can offer private rooms.


  • - Ireland is famous for its relaxing retreats and spas.  Why not check out a Destination Spa dedicated to health, fitness and relaxation or a Resort Spa that offers horse riding or tennis for your Bridal Shower?



If your Bridal Shower is out of town don't forget that when you are arranging transport for the Bride-to-be she will need plenty of space in the vehicle to take her gifts home!  Some Bridal Showers that involve lots of travelling have a Shoe Box theme which allows guests to bring a small gift that will fit in a shoe box.  If your gift is a large one then a good idea is to take a photo of it to show the Bride-to-be at the Bridal Shower and have the gift delivered to her home instead.



There are lots of Bridal Shower games you can buy beforehand such as Bridal Bingo and Pictionary but we have have some great ice breakers which can provide a lot of laughs:


I Knew Her When

Ask each guest to introduce herself and explain how she met the Bride-to-be and what her first memories of her are.


The Newlywed Game

Before the Bridal Shower, ask the Groom-to-be 20 questions about the Bride-to-be and their relationship: "How did he propose?" "What's his most annoying habit?" At the Bridal Shower ask the Bride-to-be the same questions and see if she can answer correctly!


First Kiss Game

Starting with the Bride-to-be, ask each guest to tell her 'first kiss' story. At the end, the guests can vote on the funniest or most romantic story. You can vary this by asking the guests to tell their best kiss story and another about their worst kiss!


If you are thinking of hiring in entertainment for your Bridal Shower why not choose a dance teacher to show you some moves?  Zumba, belly dancing, flamenco, step dancing and ball room are popular choices. Other ideas are live music, astrologers, fortune tellers, henna artists, professional flower arrangers and chefs.



Bridal Shower party supplies make all the difference to a venue whether it is at home or away.  They can be customised to fit in with any theme and it's worth while asking if your chosen restaurant or hotel will let you decorate your table.  Bridal Shower décor can show off your creative skills and make the event a very special one.  Flowers, fabrics, tableware, banners, balloons, ribbons, lanterns and hangings can all be colour co-ordinated, giving a stylish effect.  Don't forget you'll need help to place them so it's best to brainstorm your ideas first and organise helpers to implement your display!



Home catering for the Bridal Shower allows a wide choice of foods and can be based around the Bridal Shower theme, up coming wedding or honeymoon.  If the happy couple are off to Paris for their romantic honeymoon why not choose a French theme for the Bridal Shower food with Champagne cocktails?


If you are heading out to a restaurant for your Bridal Shower remember to check the restaurant out beforehand, ask for sample menus, look at reviews online or better still ask friends who have eaten there what they thought of it.  Also check to see if the kitchen staff can cope with special requirements (some of your guests may be diabetic, vegetarian or allergic to certain foods).



One of the exciting things about a Bridal Shower is deciding what to wear.  It's fun to dress the part but try not to clash with the Bride-to-be.  Traditionally guests are not supposed to wear solid white, black or red.  White is reserved for the Bride-to-be.  Black – although sophisticated – is the colour of mourning.  Red can steal the spot light from the Bride-to-be and sometimes isn't considered appropriate for weddings.  Good advice is to go for a classic, simple cut and feminine look that won't upset older guests.



Bridal Shower gifts should reflect the Bride-to-be's tastes and personality.  Check with the maid / matron of honour, bridesmaids or her mother what her favourite perfumes and toiletries are and what her dress size is.  Some ideas to get you started are:


  • - Glamourous lingerie and negligees, a luxurious dressing gown or cute pyjamas
  • - Scented candles, sensual soaps, make up and beauty products
  • - Pretty jewellery
  • - Sentimental keepsakes such as hand sewn quilts or embroidered tablecloths
  • - Handbags and totes
  • - Recipe books and photo albums




Favours are given as a 'thank you' at the end of the Bridal Shower and it's a nice idea to present them in little bags or boxes for guests to take home.  Favours can represent the theme of the Bridal shower or be a personal memento from the Bride-to-be. As they are tokens of appreciation they can be customised with labels or ribbons to give them that extra special touch!